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Apply For Rj on Web Radio And you can Sab Web Fm Radio Online Apply for Rj And Dj Online Free Online Apply on Web Radio

Note: To Participate who apply for Rj on web radio you must have the following accessories. All of them are Essential:

1. Computer/Laptop
2. Internet Connection with Good Speed
3. Skype
4. Facebook Account
5. Headphones with Microphone


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Funnypaki Radio Online Web Radio

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Rules and Regulations for the Rjs of Funnypaki Radio


Rules and Regulations for Radio Presenters

  • Be Punctual and Regular.
  • Be Original, do not copy another’s ideas/slogans/one liners etc. 
  • Rjs are restricted for not doing the shows on any other Web Radio during the tenure with Funnypaki Web Radio.
  • Appear in the chatroom 15 minutes before your show and remind the current RJ that you are next.
  • New Rjs are No allowed To take live calls on their Shows at least 4 Month . After Completing 4 month at Funnypaki You can take live calls on your shows.
  • Start your show on time and end it on time for a hassle free environment.
  • If you are not able to do a show for any reason make sure you’ve informed the Owner PrinCe atleast 2 hours before the show.
  • Using slang language and political discussion during the show is strictly prohibited.
  • Combine shows are not allowed until the go ahead of the Owner PrinCe. Only 3 Rjs at a time can do the show for those who are permitted for the combine shows.
  • Rjs are strictly not allowed to give any kind of personal information On Air and also they have to acknowledge Owner PrinCe before exchanging Skype Ids/phone numbers or any personal contact info to any other Rj/Admin/Op.
  • You can also get a Certificate for being a Radio Representer from Funnypaki after completing minimum 6 months continuously.
  • It is important for an Rj to make a separate Facebook account to stay in coordination with the users/listeners/Admin etc. Place your name as Rj “name” (funnypaki). Like the page for all the updates.
  • Make sure you’ve added all the Admins of the Funnypaki Radio in your Rj Profile.
  • IMPORTANT: Post your show’s updates on your facebook profile and on the funnypaki official page right before starting your show.
  • No personal attacks.
  • Be informative and creative.

Best of Luck !!



Team Funnypaki